For EMS by EMS

In use by New York City EMTs, Paramedics and ESU Tactical Medics, who have no time nor tolerance for tools that fail or don’t work, this wrench has been designed and field tested by professional EMS for EMS.

The WANTYNU Oxygen Wrenches are hands down the best Oxygen Tank Keys available.

The TK1, TK2 and TK3 are made from:

 NON FERROUS (nonferrous) NON MAGNETIC (nonmagnetic) MRI SAFE*, Super Strong, Ultra Light weight, aluminum alloy.

Fits ALL “D” and “E” Sized Portable Tanks / Emergency Oxygen Cylinders.

Great for:



Emergency Medical Technicians


Respiratory Therapists

MRI / X-Ray Technicians

Home Health Aids

Home Oxygen Use

Arthritis patients on oxygen

* Only the TK1 & TK2 are MRI Safe.


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