Pronounced:  “Wanty – Nu”

Tactical Oxygen Tank Keys

For EMS by EMS

In use by New York City EMTs, Paramedics and ESU Tactical Medics, who have no time nor tolerance for tools that fail or don’t work, this wrench has been designed and field tested by professional EMS for EMS.

The TK 1, TK 2 and TK3 are hands down the best Oxygen Tank Keys available.


The TK1, TK2 and TK3 have a unique Patent Pending design made from strong, lightweight and extremely durable aircraft quality aluminum alloy.

They are designed in three styles because not everyone uses the same tool in the same way.

The TK1 is a more traditional end socket wrench.

The TK2 is a center positioned “T” handle providing slightly different body mechanics to accomplish the same job.

The TK1 is 3 and 3/4 inches long: large enough to securely stick under a belt and carry your keys.

The TK2 is just 3 inches long: small enough not to “bulk out” your key ring but still provide more than enough torque to turn the toughest of valves.

The 2010 TK3 model is enhanced with an emergency window punch and convenient bottle opener. Built with the same strong yet light weight design as the TK1 and TK2. This new model is the work of over 2 years of enhancements to make the WANTYNU Wrench an even more invaluable tool in the field.

So What Does WANTYNU Stand for anyway?

In a world that lives by abbreviations, acronyms, and short hand, DCAPBTLS, HEENT, A&Ox3, AOB, LOC, LOLFDGB

… we now have WANTYNU.

WANTYNU is exactly that, an acronym for how it sometimes feels to work in EMS.

Wantynu stands for : We-Ain’t-Nothing-Till-You-Need-Us, simple as that.

WANTYNU is an inside acronym only for EMS, it defines us, the folks who day in day out, get the worst of the worst and handle it all, without complaint.

So now you know, but always remember the job we do cannot be done by just anyone, we’re the ones that tend to folks at their very worst moments in life and sometimes death, without judgment, or prejudice, using only our skills, our experience, our focus to the task at hand, and our compassion.

On your next run you may think WANTYNU, but always remember to us your EMS family, you’re everything. So when duty calls, go out and be strong, be quick, and be smart but most of all…

Be Safe.

P.S. If folks outside EMS ask, just tell them Wantynu is an old Indian word for Oxygen….

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    1. JoshK


  1. Glenn Miller

    i am currently enrolled in CODE ONE EMT TRAINING here in the bronx and glad i have came across this site for a quality O2 key. Its an essential tool of the job and certainly want reliable tools…..

    Wish me luck as i take the state exam DEC 16th , 2010


    Glenn Miller
    Bronx, NY

    1. JoshK

      Thank you Glenn

  2. M santiago

    I have been blessed to know and work with the owner and creator of this great tool, I presently own two of the first and second gen. Tool looking forward to purchasing the chrome edition I tell all it worth having in our Ems equipment it hasn’t failed me yet .

    1. JoshK

      Thank you Marcel, Much appreciated brother!

  3. Keith

    I have one of your wrenches and I LOVE IT. I work for a transfer company and have needed to find an O2 wrench quickly at times, and I love that I have a wrench as close as my left front pocket!

    Great Product and stay safe!

    1. JoshK

      Thanks Keith, I’m glad you like it!

  4. Charles

    Do you offer bulk discount pricing?

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