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Great little wrenches, I bought one for each job with other medics wanting to know where to purchase them.

L. Shore  EMT-P,  PA.


Great little wrench well worth the money it doesn’t break a lot better than any other wrench on the market.

Travis H


Saw these in JEMS and knew immediately they would be better than my service issued wrench… I ordered 4 and ended up spreading the word by giving the other 3 to co-workers I knew would appreciate them as much as I. Not only did these 3 lucky friends think these things rock, but I had a whole bunch of other co-workers asking me where I got them and where they could get their own.

Awesome product!!

Big hit at my EMS service- thanks a bunch!

Sarah G.


Originally I purchased the TK 2 for myself and my husband.  Once my co-workers saw it everyone wanted one.  Again this year I have ordered a couple as holiday gifts.  This is the best and most durable wrench I have ever purchased.  It makes a great key ring too!  I have made this the key ring for my on duty keys & have needed to use it on several occasions.

Working on an ambulance you occasionally find yourself in a bind without an oxygen wrench, not anymore thanks to you I have one all the time.

The best part is it is small enough yet durable enough to fit in my pants pocket and not break!
I love your wrench!
Capt. Joanne S.
Ansonia Rescue Medical Services
Ansonia, CT


I ordered two of your wrenches this past year. I got both the TK1 and TK2. I carry the 2 and my partner carries the 1.

We love them and they work so well in so many situations.

Thanks for a great product.
Charlotte NC


I am the Recruitment-Retention Team Leader for the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. A couple months ago I ordered six of your TK2 oxygen wrenches to use as retention gifts to acknowledge volunteer performance. I keep one of the wrenches with carabineer on my belt and have used it a number of times. I like the comfortable grip and greater leverage thus avoiding stressing the oxygen tank valve and thumb screw. 

I gave one to our equipment sergeant to use and now he wants to place an order for additional wrenches to be placed in each oxygen bag on our seven ambulances and heavy squad.

Bobby H.

Recruitment-Retention Team Leader

Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

Virginia Beach, VA


I bought a couple dozen of your wrenches for our ambulance service and am very pleased with them. I am impressed with the quality of materials. They should serve us well. I doubt we will ever need to replace them, but it is great to know that the lifetime guarantee is there if we should have a problem. You have a great product and processed my order quickly. I am looking forward to dealing with you again!

Dallas B. EMT-P, Rockford, IL

“Good enough isn’t”


The Wantynu oxygen is the best EMS tool created! It’s incredibly strong and very light. No other O2 key compares! Metal keys chip and bend after time and plastics and nylons break after a couple of tough rusty valve. Being that it is offered in many colors and is small unlike the usual keys EMS uses, makes it a very attractive tool.

William C. Bronx, NY


This wrench is the best one on the market.  We have both sizes.  You never fumble with the wrench because you can use either the top or side access to turn the bottle on/off.  Sturdy tool!  Easy to attach and also to carry on your key ring.

Patty M., VA 


I have a few of them and the worst thing is, you can’t put them down, or someone will steal it before you can put it back in your pocket.

Great tool.

Ralph F., NY


Bought 2 of your O2 wrenches a month or so ago (tk2 model) All I can say is WOW  works great I use it all the time in both the ED where I work and on the Ambulance where I volunteer.

Mark L


Absolutely love it!  Solid!  Doesn’t bend or warp like the cheap plastic ones!  I’ll actually be looking to order a couple more!!!

Gar F


I am really digging the links page!! Great resource for what I need! Thanks.

Ian S


I love this web site – Thanks!!!!!!!!

Kimberley S


Like about = Durability, I am a flight Paramedic and we have to have one. These are better than the plastic ones.

Julio A


Like about = Unique, easy to use and carry. Very light but it feels strong.

feedback = At first I thought the price was a bit high, but after I got my hands on your wrench, I know why. This is a great tool, it actually feels like it was custom made for me and fits onto the O2 tank like no other wrench I have used. Thanks for great product.

James Hoffman


Excellent Service, A+++++++

Madonna W.

Fast Ship, Exactly as described.

Jack K.

I am thrilled with the wrench. great service, fast shipping … Thank you

Amy P.


Awesome o2 wrench I recommend it to every service

Michael P.


Quick Shipping. Would buy again

David L.

A++++++ great product great pricing fast shipper I will purchase from again


Fast delivery. Highly recommended!

Wayne W.

Excellent,  Fast shipping. Recommend highly.

Oliver D.


 The Best Oxygen Wrench You Will Ever Own!

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  1. Victoria Brosset

    I work in Medical Telemetry at the Univ of TX at MD Anderson. We love the personal service that Josh gives us. The oxygen wrenches (T1) are unbreakable and have various colors to help identify which wrenches belong to us. We are so happy with this product. Thanks Josh!!!

    1. JoshK

      Thank you Victoria, it was great working with you too!

  2. Paul Toscino

    I use mine frequently at work….the best O2 wrench ever made….obviously made by an EMS provider too! Buy one today and you’ll never regret it. I know a lot of you are saying you don’t need one as most tanks today have toggles on them. Haven’t had a tank yet where the toggle hasn’t fallen off and been lost right when you need it….and my trusty wrench is there every time.

    1. JoshK

      Thanks Paul, I worked hard to make this the best tool for the Job (and unlike those toggles, you can be sure it will never let you down). Josh

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